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feeling lost to loving life

Reiki Spirit – Restoring the True You

Do you feel lost in life?

Do you wake up in the early hours wondering what to do with your life?

Have you spent so many years supporting others that you’ve lost yourself?

Would you love to experience more pleasure in life and feel truly appreciated?

I can help. I specialise in supporting women who feel lost in life as they re-connect deeply with themselves in order to create the happy life they deserve.

Feeling lost in life is common, especially among women who have spent years supporting their partners, looking after families, or concentrating on their careers without thought for their own wellbeing.  You may feel anxious at having lost your previous role in life, or simply feel that after years of caring for others it’s now time for you – but you don’t know what you want to do or how to find out what it is you want.

I can help.  I’ve created immersive retreats and focused wellbeing programmes specially for you.  They include heart-centred techniques devoted to your specific needs, reiki treatments to balance your mind, body and spirit, and mindset management tools to support you on your journey towards the life you long for.


”Jackie is not only an exceptionally skilled Reiki practitioner but a naturally gifted empathetic and kind person too.

I really can’t recommend Jackie at Reiki Spirit enough.”


“I had the most powerful experience when I felt a surge of energy gathering momentum and moving through me…In that instant I finally understood the power of energy healing.

I absolutely loved it.”


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