About Jackie

Jackie Lynch Reiki Spirit

Hi, I’m Jackie and Im passionate about helping women like you move out of overwhelm and into the joyful life that you deserve. 

A few years ago I was stressed-out and unhappy, feeling stuck in a career I didn’t enjoy and having no time for myself.

I knew I wanted more from life but I didn’t know where to find it. Then I discovered reiki and my life started to change.  I re-discovered my true self, I immersed myself in wellbeing practices and brought joy back into my life.  I’d love to support you on your journey back to the true you and help you live a life you love.

Just so you know, I’m a Reiki Master, meditation guide, and member of the UK Reiki Federation.  I’m also a proud ambassador for Tropic Skincare.

I’m living a life I love and I’d love for you to do that too.